Portfolio selections

TechCrunch: Coverage of my panel in China with the top-funded Hong Kong-based startups 

TechCrunch: 9GAG CEO: “Building a healthy community is a never ending battle”

TechCrunch: How Facebook can escape the echo chamber 

Sample of my weekly tech newsletter for TechCrunch: Uber’s Hell-ish week, Tesla’s plans for trucking

TechCrunch: People.ai is using machine learning to rewrite the sales ops playbook

TechCrunch: Figma now lets interface designers collaborate on projects

TechCrunch: WTF is clickbait?

Natasha Wang, champion pole artist

Hand coded Advanced Multimedia Storytelling project & GoPro point of view pole artistry video: “Off the Freeway”

Drummer Candace Hansen

OC Weekly: Drummer Candace Hansen Teaches Girls the Value of Being Loud

Profile on drag queen Jeffrey Wylie

Chef Michael Voltaggio

LA Weekly: “Michael Voltaggio Named Artist in Residence for 2012 LA Film Festival”

Citrus Carpaccio With Yuzu-Jalapeno Sauce

LA Weekly: “Citrus Carpaccio With Yuzu-Jalapeno Sauce”

Photo for National Geographic by Joel Sartore

USC Annenberg Digital News: “The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years”

Coachella 2014: The Festival Experience

USC Annenberg Digital News: “Coachella 2014: The Festival Experience”

Personal blog: Arts Criticism

Personal blog: Journalism & New Media